A circle of hills, horseshoe shaped around a large level territory: this is the characteristic scenery of the Monferrato Wine-growing Region. The area is situated among the Po and the Tanaro rivers, connoted by not very high reliefs but with often seep slopes

The geological composition of the lands is characterized by various stratum of limy material, mingled with rocks sand coming from sandstones crumbling.

The Monferrato landscape is, as a result, marked out by natural conditions particularly appropriate to the cultivation of the grapevine. In fact, the wine production dates back to the end of the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

During the history the wine production experienced a great development, also thanks to the transplantation of grape varieties belonging from overseas: numerous are the testimonies given by the literature and the archeology, some of which dating back to the 6th century, testifying the presence in the Monferrato Region of a flourishing wine production, besides the wine trade towards the Liguria Region.

Monferrato was among the Roman districts the most covered by vineyards.

The vineyards

The vineyards are located entirely in Gabiano, at the ideal height of 300 meters. The privileged position facing the wind arriving directly from the Alps creates a great temperature excursion between day and t night: characteristic which facilitate the creation of intense and typical aromas , easily recognized during the wine tasting. In those partly ancient vineyards, some boasting more than 100 years, the work on the vine is manual, in order to obtain a better quality of the grape. The cultivation of the soil, such as the plant treatment, follows a strict program completely respectful to the environment.

The cellars

The wine aging occurs in the cellars under the Castle, dating back to the 1200 and since that period destined to the wine storage.

Those natural cellars have been created through digging underground into the local rock, in the two sides so to assure a constant temperature all year long: the best ambience for an accurate aging.

The room destined to the barriques was designed, right from the inception, in different sectors, in order to distinguish the wooden fermentation according to the vintage and the different vineyards.

Here is where a prestigious bottle collection is stored, passed down from one generation to another.

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