The wines of this "small land" differ completely from others produced in other areas from Piemonte.


The Marquises Cattaneo Adorno Giustiniani have been engaged for thre last 400 years in an intense wine production and are above all committed to quality: the estate covers 260 hectares, of which 22 are destined to vineyards. The commune's archives of the XIIIth century already mention the quality of the grapes and the wine production of Gabiano.

Today Giacomo Cattaneo Adorno, the last Marquis of Gabiano, together with his wife Emanuela, passionate and determined, are above all committed to enhance the local terroir and environment. In this way they can assure that the wine making tradition of the family, updated with the current oenology knowledge, can keep the high quality standard

Wine tasting

The Castle's wine shop is where guests can appreciate the value to taste exclusive wines right where they have been produced.




The new calendar is ready. We have planned 6 different days for the castle opening. Together with Castello di Gabiano, many other private castle of Piemonte region will be open for visitors.

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March

Sunday 19th May

Sunday 26th May

Sunday 22nd September

Sunday 6th October

Castello 4


The history of the manor and its mysterious labyrinth.

Castello 4


The history of the manor and its mysterious labyrinth.

Luxury Suites

The perfect retreat for quality time. Ideal for a romantic escape or a family holiday, the Luxury Suites are nestled in 260 hectares estate, characterized by natural elements of rare beauty.

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Offers & Events

Whether you are looking for a special venue for your exclusive event or simply for the ultimate romantic getaway, Castello di Gabiano has designed tailor made unique packages that will leave you with unforgettable memories and an appreciation of our natural paradise.

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