The maze and the minotaur

Running through the Minotaur, is easy to lose yourself among the extraodinary maze of boxwood, in the park of Gabiano.

The labyrinth of the castle of Gabiano is one of the very few Italian gardens of exceptional importance, not only for its rarity but also for the historic period in which it was made. It dates back to the thirties of the twentieth century. The labyrinth of Gabiano evokes a return to the past and is part of the restoration project entrusted by Marquise Matilde Giustiniani Parmesan Architect Lamberto Cusani to whom we owe the present appearance of the neo-medieval castle and outbuildings.

The location of the labyrinth in the heart of the park emphasizes the contrast between the rigid lines and geometric plant and the natural park surrounding it, recalling the medieval concept of the forest as a natural maze (park) and the labyrinth as artificial wilderness where nature is strictly controlled and manipulated by man.

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