Malvasia di Casorzo DOC

Il Giardino di Flora

GRAPES: Malvasia 100%. YIELD: 80 quintals/hectare.

IN THE VINEYARDS: Located on the hills of Casorzo Village with a good exposure, this vine variety is a very old autochthon grape with an extremely interesting aromatic profile.

WINE MAKING AND AGING PROCESS: Fermentation with native yeasts and pretty fast maceration made on pressured-secured tank, under controlled temperature. Further aging in bottles for minimum of 2 months.

Tasting notes

ruby red colour, with violet shades and watery rim.
very aromatic and floral, primary notes of red and green fruit (currant – gooseberry).
Taste profile
Smooth and balanced with very elegant finish.


The specific low alcoholic content of this wine, produced with the vineyards of Malvasia cultivated at the footsteps of the Alps, will let you enjoy the fascinating and delicate scent of the ancient roses followed by a smooth spiced aroma, paying a tribute to Nymph Flora idealised by Botticelli in his painting "Primavera", whose model was Simonetta Cattaneo, Giuliano de Medici's muse.

To be served at 8°C.
It can lovely match with cakes, fresh fruits and it's perfect for a toast with some friends.

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