Packages & Last minute

Packages & Last minute

Whether you are looking for a special venue for your exclusive event or simply for the ultimate romantic getaway, Castello di Gabiano has designed tailor made unique packages that will leave you with unforgettable memories and an appreciation of our natural paradise.

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Castello di Gabiano, Via San Defendente 2, 15020 Gabiano Monferrato

Tel. +39-0142945004

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The new calendar is ready. We have planned 6 different days for the castle opening. Together with Castello di Gabiano, many other private castle of Piemonte region will be open for visitors.

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March

Sunday 19th May

Sunday 26th May

Sunday 22nd September

Sunday 6th October

Castello 4


The history of the manor and its mysterious labyrinth.

Castello 4


The history of the manor and its mysterious labyrinth.


The wines of this "small land" differ completely from others produced in other areas from Piemonte. First cause is the typical terroir, which conveys to the palate the peculiarity of the land in which the grape has grown. Secondly, the unique position of the hills, open to the Alps' cool winds, is the cause of the thermal excusions that create the bases for the great persistence and the higher intensity of aromas of the local produce.

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Wine tasting

The Castle's wine shop is where guests can appreciate the value to taste exclusive wines right where they have been produced.

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